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Opal is found in Brazil, Honduras, Indonesia, Mexico and western parts of the USA, but it is the vast deserts of central Australia, which produce 95 percent of the world's supply of precious opal. ... Read More


Writer Alois Senefelder invented lithography in 1798 to establish a method of publishing multiple copies of his works. Realizing the economic value of his discovery, Senefelder had his process patent ... Read More


Although examples of pewter fabrication can be dated back to1500 B.C., organized pewter production began in England during the Roman Empire's occupation. While there, the Roman soldiers smelted and mo ... Read More

Pewter Care

Cleaning Pewter Hand wash all pewter in warm, soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. Never put pewter in a dishwasher, as the detergent and heat may be harmful to the finish. Polished Pewter ... Read More

Decoy Carving

Originally developed entirely as a utilitarian object, the sole purpose of the decoy was to lure prey to the hunter. With the advent of Game Protection legislation, decoy carvers turned to the produc ... Read More

Depression Glass

Depression Glass most commonly refers the machine pressed glass manufactured during the great depression. This mass-produced glassware was often included in promotional giveaways, with additional pie ... Read More

Wood Turning

The art of wood turning has been in practice for nearly 4000 years as is evidenced by Egyptian pictograph representations depicting the use of a primitive bow-driven hand drill. Employing the use of ... Read More

Bradley and Hubbard

The Bradley and Hubbard Manufacturing Company was founded as a partnership between Nathaniel and William Bradley and Orson and Chitten Hatch with Walter Hubbard as a minor partner in the industrial to ... Read More


Ancient Egyptians created a precursor to the enameling process by embedding decorative glass into gold objects. The first examples of the modern enameling process, by which molten glass is fused to t ... Read More

Building a Birdhouse

Bird Houses can make beautiful Decorations for your Yard or Garden, and also serve a very important need. In Winter having a very well built and solid Bird House can help to keep your Air Borne Fri ... Read More