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J. W's Innovative Woodworker: Tetraclinis Articulata

Welcome I started this column because of my desire to share my woodworking experiences and to teach and help people become better woodworkers. I have more than 20 years of experience working with w ... Read More

J. W's Innovative Woodworker Piratinera Guianensis

Welcome The Wood Of The Week Is Snakewood Botanical name is Piratinera Guianensis. Other names are Leopard Wood, Speckled Wood and Letterwood. It is in the classification of hardwood .It is extr ... Read More

J W's Innovative Woodworker Juniperus Virginiana

Welcome Wood Movement & The Environment Wood absorbs water from the air during high humidity causing it to expand; during low humidity the water evaporates from it contracting it. After a proje ... Read More

Leather Furniture Tips and Care

Leather Furniture Tips and Care Leather upholstered furniture used to only be for the wealthy. They were usually large stately pieces that featured extensive button tufting and the characteristic ... Read More

Empress Jewel Trees {Paulownia}

Empress {Jewel} Trees Also Known As Paulownia A Truly Remarkable Tree Botanical Names: Paulownia fortunei {Empress Diamond} Paulownia elongata {Empress Emerald}Paulownia tomentosa {Empress Ru ... Read More

Lumber Grades & Ways Lumber Is Priced & Sold

In this article I will not go into explaining the rules of grading hardwood or softwood lumber, as they are very complicated and lengthy. I will list the grades that are sold, the dimensions that are ... Read More

Container Gardening Tips (Excerpt)

You can?t bear to toss your beloved old blue porcelain bowl set. And maybe that Michelin tire might come in handy again, so you should keep it. Although you might not use recycled porcelain bowls or a ... Read More

30 Tips To Becoming A Successful Artist

The Tips Are Not In Any Particular Order. Each One Is Important. 1 Choose a medium that you have a passion for. 2 Do your homework. Study that medium; study the style of all the artists in the ... Read More

Wood Furniture Care

There is nothing quite like a quality piece of wood furniture to bring warmth and class to your dining room, living room or bedroom. Wood furniture can be a lasting treasure for your home that can ... Read More

The Telltale Signs of a Distressing Trend

The growth in interest in architectural salvage and country antiques over the past several years has brought many benefits. Important pieces of our historic heritage are being preserved, building mat ... Read More