About Us is a subsidiary of Urban Development Corporation. Urban Development Corporation was founded in 1996 as a private company based in Philadelphia. Committed to fighting the war against urban decay, our contribution to this struggle is made by purchasing distressed property in low-income neighborhoods for the purposes of rehabilitation and resale. This activity strengthens neighborhoods by placing families into professionally rehabilitated homes and businesses that were once vacant and/or dilapidated. Urban Development Corporation believes that the problems facing our nations cities need attention from the private sector if they are to be resolved.

In order to sustain our crew between rehabilitation projects, Urban Development Corporation offers a variety of goods and services to the public. was developed as a result of the aforementioned goods and services. We began by selling Architectural Antiques from the Urban Development Corporation web site at: The architectural antiques were gathered as a result of our real estate and construction activities.

Proceeds from this activity is cycled back into Urban Development Corporation to be used as ammunition in our war against urban decay. Becoming a merchant on, or customer of is lucrative, fun, and socially conscious. Thank you for your patronage.