Depression Glass

Depression Glass most commonly refers the machine pressed glass manufactured during the great depression. This mass-produced glassware was often included in promotional giveaways, with additional pieces available for purchase at a local store. Generally pink or green, some Depression glass patterns were manufactured in blue, amber and yellow.

Depression glass was usually manufactured as quickly and inexpensively as possible, substituting intricate patterns and cheerful colors for the quality workmanship that the average consumer was unable to afford during this period. This appealing glass brightened homes during a difficult time in American history, and is now collected for both it's beauty and it's historic significance.

Depression Glass is full of flaws, imparting frequent imperfections such as Straw Marks, and bumps of extra glass. Depression Glass often leans to one side, wobbles on the counter top, and seems slightly misshapen. Two identical items may have slightly different dimensions. One pattern may have several shades of the same color. Imperfection is characteristic of Depression glass, and will not diminish the value of the item in any way.

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