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Using A Marking Gauge

Used for scribing accurate lines in wood, the stock of the marking gauge must be firmly held against the datum face. Control of the depth of cut depends on tilting the stock so that the forward corne ... Read More

Belleek Pottery

The Founder Years In 1849 John Caldwell Bloomfield inherited the Castlecaldwell estate, which encompassed the village of Belleek, from his father. Mindful of the plight of his tenants in the aft ... Read More

Valentines Day

Valentines Day was established during the fifth century A.D. in an attempt by the Catholic Church to dispel a common pagan fertility rite in practice by the Romans since the fourth century B.C. Celeb ... Read More


Cloisonne, can be broadly defined as a vitreous, glass like coating fused on to a metallic base. The technique originated in Egypt prior to 1800 B.C. when gold ornaments were inlaid with small pieces ... Read More

Madame Pompadour

Madame du Pompadour was born Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson. Her father was a steward to the Paris brothers who ran the economy of France. Though her parents were not of the noble class, Jeanne-Antoinette ... Read More

Wedgwood Pottery

Josiah Wedgwood was the youngest of thirteen children who was born in 1730, in Burslem, Stoke, to potter Thomas Wedgwood. His father died when he was 9, and he was apprenticed to his elder brother to ... Read More


Iron occurs on Earth in many forms, but is primarily extracted from the iron oxide ores of Magnetite, Haematite, Ochres, Siderite and also meteoric iron. Although one of the most abundant elements ... Read More

Perfume Bottle

Ancient Egyptians first used perfumes as part of their religious rituals. They practiced the burning of incense and the application of perfumed balms and ointments for cosmetic or medicinal purposes. ... Read More


By the nineteenth century, women were eager to free themselves of bonnet strings, and declare their right for equality with men. As women?s hats evolved, they employed ribbons and strings tied unde ... Read More

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is celebrated around the world by many cultures. In the United States Mother's Day is observed on the second Sunday in May. Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Australia and Belgium celebr ... Read More