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Stangl Pottery

Although noted for vibrant hand-painted dinnerware in floral and fruit patterns, Stangl Pottery produced a diverse line of quality handcrafted art pottery. Founded in Flemington, New Jersey as Hill P ... Read More

William Rogers Silver

Rogers Brothers was established in the 1820's when William Rogers, the eldest brother, united in a partnership with Joseph Church who was a jeweler and silversmith from Hartford, Connecticut. They be ... Read More

Gorham Silver

Born on February 18, 1792, Jabez Gorham was apprenticed at age 14 to Nehemiah Dodge, who is considered one of the founding fathers of New England?s silver industry. Jabez formed a partnership after se ... Read More

Bell and Howell

In 1907 Chicago movie projectionist Donald Bell and camera repairman Albert Howell developed a partnership in Chicago, which was at the time ground zero for the motion picture industry in the United S ... Read More

Embury Manufacturing

William Chamberlain Embury was born in Napanee, Ontario, Canada on December 17, 1873. Embury worked for a Canadian tin and lantern company, Kemp Manufacturing in Toronto, as a young man, after which h ... Read More

Glass Blowing

Heat applied to a mixture of sand, soda, and lime is all that is required in the glass making process. Legend contends that Roman seaman preparing their evening meal on a beach inadvertently discov ... Read More

Paua Shell

The Paua Shell Comes from the shallow coastal waters surrounding New Zealand. This marine mollusk eats seaweed and lives clinging to rocks at depths of 1-10 meters. Paua is from a species of abalon ... Read More

Tumbled Marble

Marble is simply limestone that has been metamorphosed by the heat and pressure of volcanic activity deep in the earth over millions of years. The color variations seen in marble are due to impuriti ... Read More


Consisting of the chemical elements copper, aluminum, phosphorus, hydrogen, and oxygen in the form of water, Turquoise permits the inclusion of various elements. When incorporated into the molecula ... Read More


Pottery comprises three distinctive types of wares. The first type, earthenware, has been manufactured using the same basic techniques since ancient times. Mass production of the modern era has deli ... Read More