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Cut Nail Finishes & Treatments

STANDARD NAIL Standard Cut nails are steel cut nails with a dark, powder gray finish which can be clinched; not a hardened nail. HARDENED NAIL Hardened nails are nails that have been heat-t ... Read More

Got Worms?

Got Worms? Subject: Identification and treatment of "wood worm" infestation. At least eight families of beetles bore into wood, one of the most common being anobiids (furniture beetles ... Read More

How to Lacquer Metal

The surface of metals can be effectively protected with a clear lacquer finish if applied correctly.  Adherence to the application procedure listed below will ensure a successful result. S ... Read More

What's in a Grain?

What's in a Grain? Tool marks in the wood grain of furniture are essential to identification of its period, quality, region and authenticity. Regionally, methods used in the timber yards of ... Read More

Hard as a Rock

Hard as a Rock The raw materials of sculpture are resistant to erosion, but not immune. Future condition is profoundly affected by atmosphere. Exterior display will expose statuary to the most ... Read More

Clarice Cliff: The Pottery Princess

Clarice Cliff was born in Stoke-on-Trent and quickly earned herself the title of Sunshine Girl with her bold and cheerful ceramics designs. Her designs were new and daring for their day and initially ... Read More

How to carve stone

Stoneshaper's "How to" page How do you get started? How do I start out? Stone, Tools, Sandbags, Protection devices These are what you need to get started. Kinds of stone to carve The hows ... Read More

Garden Antiques and Ornaments

Since the nineteenth century, private decorative gardens in the United States have become status symbols for the rich, the powerful and the newly enlightened upper classes. But garden ornaments have ... Read More

BIOGRAPHY: Willy Pogany

Willy Pogany was born in August 1882 in Szged, Hungary. He attended Budapest Technical School for less than a year and took an art class for only six weeks. He went on to develop his art skills himsel ... Read More

The World of Gouda Pottery

Before beginning this story, let me tell you briefly about my journey along the Gouda pottery road. It began in the 1960s when I fell in love with and bought a beautifully proportioned and designed co ... Read More