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Olivewood Olea europaea

Olivewood Botanical Name: Olea europaea AuthorJohnny W. Morlan Olive Tress have been around for many centuries. Olive is in the Ash {Fraxinus spp} family. They can live for 1500 years or more ... Read More

Raised Plaster Stenciling

Creating easy raised designs with plaster stenciling. Raised plaster stenciling, (or as it?s also called ?raised embossing? or ?relief stenciling?), on walls and furniture is one of the most creat ... Read More

First International Collaboration Two Woodworking Master Craftsmen

Greek Olivewood Pen & Matching Case Sets These Greek Olivewood Pen & Matching Case Sets, are the result of the world's first international collaboration between two master craftsmen, unknown to eac ... Read More

Facts About Wood & Trees

Facts About Wood & Trees Over the years, I have complied some facts on wood and trees. Here are a few that I will share with you. Some are pretty astounding. The lightest and softest wood in the ... Read More

Clean Your Porcelain

Yes, by all means, clean your porcelain, and I'll tell you how to do it in just a minute. But first, believe me, you can only make it look better if you give your porcelain a careful and loving cleani ... Read More


Porches and entrances help define the architectural style of a structure. The porch functions as a transitional gathering place, however the focal point of the entry way is the door and the focal poi ... Read More

Wood & Facts

I have more than 21 years of experience working with wood and have worked more than 350 different species of wood. I normally keep more than 125 species in stock. I have studied hundreds of woodwor ... Read More

Morlan Unique Wood Gifts Review/Writeup

Five Star Reviews Magazine Five Star Reviews Magazine is a national United States publication that reviews travel destinations, restaurants, spas, products, services and events in the realm of b ... Read More

The Internet Is The Best Way For Artists Or Craftspeople To Sell Retail & How To

From years of experience, the best way to sell your artworks is retail, you selling them directly to customers. Selling wholesale, to retail stores and galleries, you are only going to get approximate ... Read More

palmolive bldg art deco icon

This story begins in the fall of 2004, as I walked the beautiful north end of Michigan Ave. known as Chicago's Miracle Mile. It was a pristine clear October day and I was spellbound by the beauty of t ... Read More