Building a Birdhouse

Bird Houses can make beautiful Decorations for your Yard or Garden, and also serve a very important need. In Winter having a very well built and solid Bird House can help to keep your Air Borne Friends warm and in good health. A Solid Wood House, built tightly together, and with separate rooms for each Bird Family, can help to ensure that you will have Birds in your Garden for a long time. It helps to ensure the safety of the Birds, that you decide what type of Bird you would like to attract. The size of the hole or opening in the House will ensure the safety of the smaller birds by having a small opening. This helps to keep out the larger and more Predatory birds and animals.

After you decide what Type of Bird you wish to attract, then go on to the next step, how many birds would you like to attract. If you want many, many birds, it helps to build a Bird House with a lot of Separate rooms. Building walls inside of the Bird House will help to ensure the privacy and safety. Keep in Mind that is helps to make the rooms wider than the wing span of the birds. This will give the birds plenty of room to move around in comfort in their new home.

Now, after you have decided on the design type you would like to build, keep in mind a few things. If you live in an area where you have a lot of cold weather or rainy weather, it helps to put a very thin layer of wood glue at the meeting of each board. Place just enough wood glue to help seal the crack without having glue spill over into the bird house. Nail or screw your house together. Keep in mind that if you do not want the nails or screws to show, tighten the screws so tight that the head sinks in the wood just a little or using a drill, make the top of the hole where the screw will be placed a little bigger than the head of the screw, and then apply a little wood putty. After you have driven the nail into the wood, take a second nail and drive the first nail in even farther, just a little past the surface of the wood, and apply wood putty to the surface of the nail. This will help to hide the nail. Many people like to leave the nail and screw heads showing, after a while, in the weather, this will give the bird house a unique and aged appearance, adding to the beauty of your new Bird House.

Now, on to finishing your Bird House, many like the natural look, so a coating of Mineral Oil, (the same type found in Grocery stores), will help to ensure weather proofing. If you use Paint or Stain (Varnish), please consider choosing a fast drying,environment friendly, and low odor Paint or Varnish.

I hope this Helps, and Have Fun Building your New Bird

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