Pewter Care

Cleaning Pewter

Hand wash all pewter in warm, soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. Never put pewter in a dishwasher, as the detergent and heat may be harmful to the finish.

Polished Pewter

In addition to hand washing, polished pewter may need polishing once or twice a year. To do this you will need Pewter polish and two soft clean cloths. Apply the Pewter polish to a spot on your pewter in a small circular pattern with one cloth. Remove the excess polish by using the same motion with the second cloth. Repeat these steps across the entire piece of pewter. To avoid stains, do not let the polish dry on your pewter.

Satin Pewter

In addition to hand washing, satin pewter may need an occasional brushing every other of years using a swatch of very fine steel wool. You need not press very hard as the satin finish will be restored almost immediately.

Oxidized Pewter

Oxidized pewter needs no care beyond occasional hand washing. The dark finish is designed to be carefree and maintain it's antique look. Oxidized pewter gets darker over long periods of time in most cases.

Precautionary measures:

? Do not place pewter in direct flame, on a hot plate, or in the oven as it has a low melting point. ? For floral arrangements use a glass liner or line the bowl with clear plastic wrap. Do not leave party dips, salad dressing or citrus juices in your pewter as extended exposure can stain the surface.

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