Container Gardening Tips (Excerpt)

You can?t bear to toss your beloved old blue porcelain bowl set. And maybe that Michelin tire might come in handy again, so you should keep it. Although you might not use recycled porcelain bowls or apple barrels but rather terra cotta or woven pots, container gardening, the simple concept of growing plants in pots or urns in addition to other objects, offers you a variety of enjoyable and creative ways to maintain and experiment with your garden.

Containers for Gardening

Be choosy and creative in selecting your containers. First, each container should complement the plant aesthetically and functionally. For example, if you decide to grow strawberries, consider purchasing a terra-cotta planter that comes with special holes through which you can cultivate your fruit or herbs. And your small lilies may feel overwhelmed in a two-foot container, but your tiny bonsai will need taller, roomy holders. Our following section provides more details about types of containers.

Container Gardening Plants

You?ve got a running list of garden tricks, pots and tools. And so you just need the plants. A word of caution: resist loading your car to the brim with ferns and bamboo shoots; start with a few of your favourite things?pansy and marigold seeds and rosemary and coriander. And then in a month or so, you can sprinkle some broccoli seeds. Thousands of types of container plants exist, and the following information is by no means exhaustive, though it should give you a solid sense of what types of plants with which you could start.

Again, consider your climate and garden layout. Read the directions on seeds packets. Ask questions at your local nursery. Submit inquiries online to your virtual nursery or favorite gardening website that helps you to discover whether or not nemesia plants enjoy the company of violas (they do).

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