Wood Furniture Care

There is nothing quite like a quality piece of wood furniture to bring warmth and class to your dining room, living room or bedroom. Wood furniture can be a lasting treasure for your home that can be passed down through the generations. In this article we will try to give you information that will help you maintain the value of your wood furniture.

Before we get started, it is important that you understand that should always read the instructions that come with your furniture. If any of what we tell you contradicts that information you should always follow the advice of the manufacturer. Another important rule is to always try new products on a spot that cannot be seen first before using it on visible surfaces.

The Importance of Cleaning Wood Furniture

Most people just keep putting polish on top of polish without ever cleaning the wood. Few people realize how important it is to clean your wood furniture regularly. Just like any expensive item you own, your wood furniture collects dirt, grease, dust and other foreign material that are present in your home. Any build up of these particles can damage your furniture and should be removed before polishing. That is why we include the Wood Cleaner in our Wood Care Kit. Without properly cleaning your wood furniture at least every other time you polish will evidentially cause a major build up of foreign matter and polish. Yes, even the polish will build up and distort the finish without regular cleaning.

Wood Care Tips

~ Dust weekly using a dampened dust free cloth. A damp cloth will prevent scratches
~ Clean your furniture every other month
~ Polish your furniture every month
~ Always use coasters to protect from hot and cold drinks
~ Keep your furniture away from direct sunlight, it will cause serious damage to the color and finish
~ Keep wood furniture away from heaters and air-conditioning to prevent drying out the wood
~ Avoid putting newspapers and magazines directly on wood surfaces, ink can blend into the wood
~ Never put plastic or rubber directly on your wood. The chemicals in them can damage the finish
~ Don?t slide or anything across the finish, it could scratch the finish
~ Moisture is tough on wood furniture. Avoid letting plants touch the surface of your furniture.
~ Use felt pads to protect table top accessories from scratching

Answers to Common Problems

Burns: Use 000 or finer high grade steel wool to rub the burned area with the grain. Use a light touch until the burnt wood is smooth. Apply furniture oil or polish.

Water Rings: Mix equal parts of white vinegar and cooking oil. Rub water rings with the grain.

Heat Marks: Use mayonnaise to coat the heat mark area. Let stand for one hour, then wipe clean. Polish when finish.

Candle Wax: Scrape off the candle wax with a credit card. Take off thin layers of wax until you get almost to the finish. Remove the rest with wood cleaner, and then apply polish.

Dents: Wipe off the dented area with warm water. Place a water soaked cloth compress (a folded wash cloth) over the dented area and let sit for 30 minutes. Next, place a warm iron (on a low setting) over the cloth for short intervals until the dent is gone. Apply polish when finished.

It is our sincere hope that these tips will help you maintain the beauty and quality of your wood furniture. Please consider our products that are used daily by our professional craftsmen.

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