Porches and entrances help define the architectural style of a structure. The porch functions as a transitional gathering place, however the focal point of the entry way is the door and the focal point of the door is the doorknocker. Since inception early in the world's history, the doorknocker has evolved from merely a functional component of the home to a decorative element with essential characteristics crucial to architectural style. The history of doorknockers is in essence unwritten, and little is known concerning the makers who rarely marked their work.

Leone Door Knocker - Small
Unit Price: $128.00
Sonoma Iron Doorknocker
Unit Price: $124.00
Sonoma Stainless Doorknocker
Unit Price: $146.40
Tuscan Iron Door Knocker
Unit Price: $132.00
Warwick Forged Iron Doorknocker
Unit Price: $159.20
Warwick Iron Door Knocker
Unit Price: $135.20