Do NOT use LATEX gloves with epoxy glue. Latex is good for protection from biological hazards, but some of the hazardous chemicals in epoxy diffuse right through latex. Vinyl gloves have sufficient resistance to the chemicals involved. Barrier creams on your hands and forearms as a SUPPLEMENT to the vinyl gloves are also a good idea.

30-Minute Epoxy Glue
Unit Price: $16.16
5-Minute Epoxy Glue
Unit Price: $0.00
Dark Quikwood
Unit Price: $9.26
PINE Quikwood
Unit Price: $9.26
Quikwood - 2 oz Tube
Unit Price: $11.56
Repairitquik - 4 oz Tube
Unit Price: $11.56
ZAP 15 Minute Epoxy
Unit Price: $13.42