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Racks and Trays

Standard mission was the most widely used pattern in Hoosier's history. Begining in 1915 it was the standard cannister set used with very few variations. The basic set that came with the cabinet would have consisted of a coffee, tea, salt box, and... Read More

Towel Bars

Period bathroom design does not require precise duplication, but should incorporate proportions, textures, and colors appropriate for the style of home. Creating a bathroom in the fashion of a bygone era can be accomplished by obtaining vintage bath... Read More

Aladdin Hanging Lamps

The principle of the Aladdin burner is to produce a blue flame (virtually 100% combustion) for maximum heat output. This heat causes the mantle in incandesce due to its unique chemical composition and properties. The Aladdin emits approximately 2500... Read More

Wall Fans

Jane Evans, an interior designer, came to St. Louis in 1930 and was introduced to the President of Emerson Electric. Evans proposed drastic changes in fan design, resulting in the 1932 introduction of Emerson’s wildly successful Silver Swan fan. The... Read More

Wood Corbels

The architectural term corbel denotes a support protruding from a wall to support an incumbent load. Timber used similarly, is traditionally referred to as a tassel or bragger. The word corbel originated in France and was derived from... Read More

Milk Paint

Milk paint was originally made from raw materials, curdled milk, lime, and pigment. Black pigment may have been derived from coal, soot, or charcoal. Red from a crushed brick or manufactured from dissolving lead in acid. Yellow Ochre harvested from t... Read More

Featured Products

Flooring Cut Nails 1-1/4'' - Hardened

Great for laying tongue and groove hardwood and soft wood flooring. Not to be used for face-nailing... Read More

Unit Price: $7.35

Pivot Hinge - Antiqued

Steel CENTER PIVOT HINGE and PLAIN SOCKET with Statuary Bronze Finish Hinge: 2"long x 3/8"wide ~ Pi... Read More

Unit Price: $5.18

Trunk Handle Burgundy Leather 8-3/4 - No Slots

Premium Grade BURGUNDY LEATHER TRUNK HANDLE 2-Ply ~ Finished Topside ~ Finished Backside Overall:... Read More

Unit Price: $9.72

Cast Brass Drawer Pull

Cast Brass Victorian Drawer Pull Backplate - 4" wide x 1-7/8" high Centers - 3" (Includes attached... Read More

Unit Price: $8.54

Butterfly Hinge - Brass Plated

Brass Plated Steel BUTTERFLY HINGE Overall: 2-1/4"high x 2-3/8"long Sold individually.... Read More

Unit Price: $2.54

Warwick Forged Iron Doorknocker

This black iron door knocker features a engraved ring that will add its old world presence to any ho... Read More

Unit Price: $159.20