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Archimedes is credited with inventing the screw in the 3rd century BC, however his screw was not a fastener but two contraptions incorporating screw-type devices. One device was a water pump; still used for industrial applications, now known as the i... Read More

Hinges and Stays

The wardrobe trunk, which is flat on all sides, is among the largest and heaviest ever made. Designed to stand on end for packing or open use, wardrobe trunks are usually equipped with drawers, clothes hangers, a shoebox, sometimes an ironing... Read More


Manufacturer's labels did not abound in trunks until the advent of mass production. Although some early craftsman put labels in their trunks, labeling was not commonplace until the late 19th century with the introduction of hundreds of manufacturers... Read More

Wood Polish

Beeswax is produced in the form of thin scales secreted by young worker bees. The wax must be rendered before use as a result of impurities, with the resultant byproduct known as slumgum. The wax is further be clarified by heating in water then may... Read More

Transom Hardware

Every wrought iron object began as a bar of iron, round, square or rectangular in cross-section, or in the case of repoussé work, as a thin, flat sheet. The blacksmith usually had to do quite a lot of preliminary shaping before he could start on the... Read More

Towel Bars

Period bathroom design does not require precise duplication, but should incorporate proportions, textures, and colors appropriate for the style of home. Creating a bathroom in the fashion of a bygone era can be accomplished by obtaining vintage bath... Read More

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Assorted Screw Hole Buttons

TURNED END GRAIN SCREW HOLE BUTTONS ~ Round Head with Shoulders 210 Piece Assortment includes: 15 e... Read More

Unit Price: $15.68

Magic Balm

3 oz. Jar Magic Balm enhances protection, minimuzes sanding, and prevents unwanted spread of excess... Read More

Unit Price: $18.04

Trunk Lid Stay 6-3/4" - Brass

Brass Plated Stamped Steel SMALL TRUNK STAY Overall when Open: 6-3/4"long x 1"wide Fasteners sold... Read More

Unit Price: $3.42

Flat Head Screw 1-1/2" - Steel

Steel SLOTTED FLAT HEAD SCREW ~ #5 x 1-1/2" Sold in lots of 10 and lots of 100... Read More

Unit Price: $1.18

Cast Brass Victorian Knob

Cast Brass Victorian Knob - 1 5/16" Diameter - 3/4 Projection - . Sold individually.... Read More

Unit Price: $4.35

Stamped Brass Chippendale Pull 2 1/2"

Chippendale Style Batwing DRAWER PULL Overall Dimensions: 2-9/16"high x 3-5/8"wide Centers: 2-1/2"... Read More

Unit Price: $10.46