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Drawer Pulls

Borrowing themes and forms from the past, The Revival styles of design sought to elicit the nostalgia and sanctuary of past times and faraway places in the heart of American suburbia. Using techniques developed to create the "handmade" look of Arts a... Read More


The dictionary defines an adhesive as "a substance capable of holding materials together by surface attachment." Around 1750 the first glue adhesive patent was issued in Britain. The glue was made from fish. Patents were then rapidly issued for adhes... Read More

Racks and Trays

Standard mission was the most widely used pattern in Hoosier's history. Begining in 1915 it was the standard cannister set used with very few variations. The basic set that came with the cabinet would have consisted of a coffee, tea, salt box, and... Read More

Slat Clamps

Canvas was employed as a covering for the majority of flat top trunks, which varied in thickness, quality and color. Manufacturers added canvas to the exterior of the unfinished box fallowed by the staves, trim and hardware. The canvas was then coa... Read More

Electric Lamp Parts

The word lamp is derived from the Greek word lampas meaning torch and refers to a lighting source in various forms using a multiplicity of fuels dating back to the dawn of man. Englishman Sir Humphrey Davy developed the first electric lamp in 1801, a... Read More

Handle Loops and Caps

Prior to the 19th century, trunks were generally unlined. Newspapers were commonly used to line trunks at the turn of this century, and were often embellished with decorative dots applied with wooden stamps and ink. From a distance, this practice gav... Read More

Featured Products

Nail Head Trim - Every Third Hole

DECORATIVE NAIL HEAD TRIM ~ Every Third Hole 7/16"wide ~ Steel with Antiqued Finish ~ Uses AD-3590... Read More

Unit Price: $1.42

Traditional Wood Corbel - 7"

Petite traditional decorative solid wood hand carved unfinished corbel measuring 2-5/8" x 2-5/8" x 7... Read More

Unit Price: $30.11
Sale Price: $27.09
You Save $3.02

Wall Phone Bell Screw - Brass

Brass Slotted Round Head BELL SCREW Overall: 1/4"long x 10/32 threads Sold Individually... Read More

Unit Price: $1.98

Decorative Stair-Holds - Pewter

Pair of decorative solid brass stair-holds measuring 4" in length. This style of stair-hold is avail... Read More

Unit Price: $42.00
Sale Price: $33.60
You Save $8.40

Golden Brown Art Fiber Rush - 6/32"

Golden Brown ART FIBER RUSH - 6/32"diameter Sold in 320 foot coils One coil will weave an average... Read More

Unit Price: $14.96

Heritage Classic Stair Rod - Brushed

The Heritage stair rod collection offers a luxury of options in style, finish, and finial choices wi... Read More

Unit Price: $46.00
Sale Price: $36.80
You Save $9.20