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Escutcheons & Keyplates

The word escutcheon has multiple applications. In heraldry, an escutcheon is a shield on which a coat of arms is displayed or a charge within a coat of arms. Applied in the description of door furniture, an escutcheon is item that surrounds a keyho... Read More

Phone Transmitter Parts

On April 27, 1877 Thomas Edison filed a patent application for an improved phone transmitter. Edison’s carbon block telephone transmitter relied on variations in the conductivity of carbon as a result of pressure. Edison's patent claim was declared i... Read More

Gate Bolts

Shah Jahan originally built the Kashmiri Gate and royal processions of emperors and Queens would pass through the gate on their trips to Kashmir giving rise to the moniker. British imperialists altered many of the city structures to fortify the city... Read More

Telephone Nameplates

The first significant advance in long-distance telephone service was the development of loading coils, an invention that reduced the propensity of a signal to deteriorate proportionately to the expanse of the transmission. In 1912, Dr. Lee DeForest... Read More

Transom Hardware

Every wrought iron object began as a bar of iron, round, square or rectangular in cross-section, or in the case of repoussé work, as a thin, flat sheet. The blacksmith usually had to do quite a lot of preliminary shaping before he could start on the... Read More

Coat Hooks

Art Deco was the first widespread American decorative style that originated in France rather than Britain. It was also the first decorative style that emulates the future rather than the past. Characterized by elaborate geometric motifs and materials... Read More

Featured Products

Lamp "S" Hook - Brass Plated

Brass Plated Steel "S" Hook for Lamp Chain Overall: 5/8"high x 5/16"wide Sold Individually... Read More

Unit Price: $0.32

Heritage Pineapple Stair Rod - Antiqued

The Heritage stair rod collection offers a luxury of options in style, finish, and finial choices wi... Read More

Unit Price: $46.00
Sale Price: $36.80
You Save $9.20

Teardrop Crystal Prism - 2-7/8"

Pendalogue CRYSTAL PRISM Teardrop Shape ~ Imported Overall Length: 2-7/8" ~ Prism: 2"long x 1-1/4"... Read More

Unit Price: $2.84

Leather Slotted Trunk Handle 9-7/8" - Natural

Standard Grade NATURAL LEATHER TRUNK HANDLE with SLOTS 2-Ply ~ Finished Topside ~ Unfinished Backsi... Read More

Unit Price: $11.14

New England Porch Weave for Antique Chairs

New England Porch Weave by K.C. Parkinson Detailed instructions accompanied by easy-to-follow illus... Read More

Unit Price: $3.64

Common Hank Cane

For the weaving of Cane Bottom Chair Seats Approximately 800 to 1000 feet per hank which will do 3... Read More

Unit Price: $75.92