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Trunk Labels

Trunk makers put labels in their trunks during the 19th Century and to a lesser extent in the 18th Century. Trunk labels were not widely used however until trunks were mass-produced in factories by the end of the 19th century, at which time there we... Read More


karveskurd, a distinct style of woodcarving also known as chip-carving has rich traditions in Norway. This method of ornamentation is identifiable by the geometric patterns made with the help of compass and ruler. Customarily completed... Read More

Flour Bins

The Hoosier cabinet included, variously, an upper section with bins for flour, sugar, and other dry staples. The flour bin could hold 50 pounds and had a built-in sifter in the base. A wooden or enamel pullout work surface doubled as a cutting board.... Read More

House Numbers

The evolution of house numbers and address plaques is rooted in the historical development of signs primarily used for business marketing. Early sings advertised to overwhelmingly illiterate communities and were therefore designed with easily recog... Read More

Replacement Chair Seats

The fiber chair seats replacement is made of a specially formulated fiberboard that will not separate. They can be trimmed with a pair of shears, tin snips or a band saw. They can be painted, stained, sealed, or used as is. As these boards take stain... Read More

Oil Lamp Parts

One of the most primitive lighting devices known is an iron fire holder called a 'cresset'. Fueled with oil soaked twigs or pine knots; the cresset was usually suspended from a pole like a torch, or hung like a lantern. This ancient oil fired lamp w... Read More

Featured Products

Oak Flake Quartered 2-Ply Veneer - 2' X 8'

Oak QUARTERED with FLAKE 2-PLY VENEER ~ 2'wide x 8'long 1/24"thick face veneer ~ 2-Ply approximatel... Read More

Unit Price: $92.28

Round Head Screw #4 x 1/2" - Steel

Steel SLOTTED ROUND HEAD SCREW ~ #4 x 1/2" Sold in lots of 10 and lots of 100... Read More

Unit Price: $1.00

Aladdin Lamp Filler Collar

Stamped Brass ALADDIN LAMP FILLER COLLAR Fits most Aladdin Glass Fonts Sold Individually... Read More

Unit Price: $6.66

Cast Brass Coat Hook - 4 1/8" x 2 5/8"

Plain Cast Brass FRONT MOUNT COAT HOOK Overall 4-1/8"high x 2-5/8"projection Mounting Base: 2-1/8"... Read More

Unit Price: $5.82

Trunk Flap Hinge - Steel

Stamped Steel Trunk FLAP HINGE Copied from an original! Overall: 4-1/8"long x 1-5/16"wide Sold I... Read More

Unit Price: $10.02

Rustic Pine Briwax 2000 - 1 lb

BRIWAX 2000 features the same great finish as BRIWAX but without the Toluene. The solvent in BRIWAX... Read More

Unit Price: $26.82