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Chair Parts

Splint is obtained from ash, hickory and rattan. Ash splints are cut to a uniform width while hickory splints are generally slightly varied. The outer bark of the rattan palm is stripped for use as cane, and the core is split into round and flat stri... Read More

Replacement Chair Seats

The fiber chair seats replacement is made of a specially formulated fiberboard that will not separate. They can be trimmed with a pair of shears, tin snips or a band saw. They can be painted, stained, sealed, or used as is. As these boards take stain... Read More

Catches and Latches

The Federal Period (1785-1815); consists of the Hepplewhite style with oval pulls of stamped brass featuring concentric raised ovals or a simple design on the surface, the Sheraton style with classically designed stamped brass pulls round back-plates... Read More

Latches and Catches

Northeastern Indiana was found to have vast deposits of natural gas and during the turn of the century was known as the glass capital of the U.S. One of the companies that set up shop in Indiana was the Sneath Mfg. Co. and was located in Hartford Cit... Read More

Rattan and Wicker Repair

Wicker is actually woven from many different materials; some of the most common include cane, reed, and rattan. Rattan, a climbing palm indigenous to tropical rain forests of Asia, is the largest source of material used to create wicker. Cane is e... Read More

Bread Drawers

Hoosier cabinets have long been popular antiques. They fit into today's country-style kitchen. The cabinets, which have numerous drawers and cupboards, sold from about 1900 to the 1930's. Wasmuth-Endicott Co. of Andrews, Indiana, built Kitchen Maids.... Read More

Best Selling Products

Bent Oak Rocker Runners - 1-7/8"

Steam Bent Oak Rocker Runners Overall: 1-3/8" high x 34-1/4" long x 1-7/8" wide (Length measureme... Read More

Unit Price: $55.58

Bent Oak Rocker Runners - 1-1/8"

Steam Bent Oak Rocker Runners Overall: 1-3/8" high x 34-1/4" long x 1-1/8" wide (Length measureme... Read More

Unit Price: $38.30

Cut Oak Rocker Runners - 1-9/16"

Cut Oak Rocker Runners Overall: 1-3/4" high x 37" long x 1-9/16" wide (Length measurement taken s... Read More

Unit Price: $60.32

Fiber Seatboard - Old Time

Fiber Replacement Seat - Old Time Nouveau Floral Pattern Untrimmed Size: 15" Square Overall Patter... Read More

Unit Price: $11.06

Iron Speakeasy Grille

Create a Medieval atmosphere in your entryway with this hand forged black iron speakeasy door window... Read More

Unit Price: $92.95

Hoosier Bread Drawer

Hoosier Style Tin Replacement BREAD DRAWER with Sliding Lid fits many Hoosier brand kitchen cabinets... Read More

Unit Price: $91.70

Decorative Floor Register - Antique Pewter

This antique pewter finish decorative design floor register with clear lacquer coating is fashioned... Read More

Unit Price: $61.90
Sale Price: $55.50
You Save $6.40

Solid Oak High Chair Tray

GROOVED RED OAK HIGH CHAIR TRAY Overall: 20-1/2"wide x 11-3/4"deep x 1-3/32"thick Install with S-5... Read More

Unit Price: $51.92

Oak Hiphuggers - Unfinished

OAK HIPHUGGERS Overall: 6-1/2"high x 5-1/4"deep x 7/8"diameter (dimensions when installed) Overall... Read More

Unit Price: $12.94

Fiber Seatboard - Birds

Fiber Replacement Seat - Birds Nesting Pattern Untrimmed Size: 14-1/2" Square Overall Pattern Size... Read More

Unit Price: $23.18

Fiber Seatboard - Vase

Fiber Replacement Seat - Floral Vase Pattern Untrimmed Size: 15" Square Overall Pattern Size: Fron... Read More

Unit Price: $11.06

Bracket Lamp Frame

Wall Lamp BRACKET FRAME Bracket Extends 9" from Wall Bowl Diameter at Base: 3-1/2" ~ Bowl Diameter... Read More

Unit Price: $42.16