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Deadbolt Locks

Archeologists discovered the oldest door lock identified to date among the Khorsabad palace ruins near Nineveh. Estimated to be 4,000 years old, the door lock was a precursor of the pin and tumbler style lock, which was common to the ancient Egyptia... Read More

Vessel Sinks

Two fundamental elements of the English bathroom were a vast washstand, and once converted to a running water supply, a custom made double walled porcelain antique bath boxed-in with mahogany. The quality of craftsmanship and material used in product... Read More


Do NOT use LATEX gloves with epoxy glue. Latex is good for protection from biological hazards, but some of the hazardous chemicals in epoxy diffuse right through latex. Vinyl gloves have sufficient resistance to the chemicals involved. Barrier cream... Read More

Wood Polish

Beeswax is produced in the form of thin scales secreted by young worker bees. The wax must be rendered before use as a result of impurities, with the resultant byproduct known as slumgum. The wax is further be clarified by heating in water then may... Read More

Salt Shaker Lids

During ancient times the salt trade was of vital importance to the health of entire populations. Salt was valued to the extent that it was used as currency in several regions. Salt money is the literal translation of the Latin phrase salar... Read More

Coat Hooks

Art Deco was the first widespread American decorative style that originated in France rather than Britain. It was also the first decorative style that emulates the future rather than the past. Characterized by elaborate geometric motifs and materials... Read More

Featured Products

Lotus Drop Pull - Brass

Colonial Revival Style Cast Brass DROP PULL Overall: 1"wide x 1-3/4"long (Length of drop measured f... Read More

Unit Price: $6.22

Embossed Oak Ornament - 2 11/16" x 4"

Oak Veneered PRESSED WOOD DECORATIVE ORNAMENT Overall: 4"wide x 2-3/4"high x 5/32"thick Produced f... Read More

Unit Price: $4.90

Small Trunk Handle Loop

Brass Plated Stamped Steel OPEN END STYLE TRUNK HANDLE LOOP for use with L-4272 Black or L-4273 Natu... Read More

Unit Price: $0.34

Record Cleaning Kit - CK-2

This handcrafted Crosley Stack-O-Matic Cleaning Kit comes complete with felt brush, record cleaning... Read More

List Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $37.95
You Save $2.00

Walnut Knob with Wide Base - 1 1/2"

Side Grain WALNUT KNOB with Wide Base Overall: 1-1/2"diameter x 13/16"projection ~ Base: 1-3/8"diam... Read More

Unit Price: $2.58

Brushed Nickel Drawer Pull - 5"

Brushed Nickel Mid-Century Style DRAWER PULL Overall: 5-3/8"long x 1-1/8"wide x 1-3/16"projection... Read More

Unit Price: $14.04