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Steel Cut Nail Sample Set

This sample set mounted on card stock contains 20 varieties of Tremont Cut Nails as well as a histor... Read More

Unit Price: $29.36

Wrought Head Nails 1-1/2'' - Black Oxide

Designed to simulate the hand-forged nails of the late 1700's, the head is three-sided and the nail... Read More

Unit Price: $15.75

Fire Door Clinch Nails 3" - Galvanized

Popular for use in fabricating laminated fire doors, clapboard siding, face-nailing wide board floor... Read More

Unit Price: $13.25

Clinch Rosehead Nail 2'' - Standard

These button-head nails are malleable enough to be clinched if desired. Often used for furniture rep... Read More

Unit Price: $10.70