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Deadbolt Locks

Archeologists discovered the oldest door lock identified to date among the Khorsabad palace ruins near Nineveh. Estimated to be 4,000 years old, the door lock was a precursor of the pin and tumbler style lock, which was common to the ancient Egyptia... Read More

Wood Brightener

While not a wood bleach, Wood Brightener helps even out stains and blemishes in wood caused by water based stains. It will also lighten furniture darkened by alkaline-based strippers. It can be applied to unfinished wood.... Read More


Capable of reproducing sound that has been recorded as a spiral, undulating groove cut into a disk known as a record , the turntable or record player is the descendant of the phonograph . While spinning on the motorized turntable, a tone arm fitted w... Read More

Graining Pens

Produce extra fine lines over any surface with Master's Magic Graining Pens. Special tip allows continous flow writing in quick drying, permanent inks.... Read More

Shelf Brackets

Used to display household items, small hanging shelves were often made at home since woodworking was a common skill, and wood was readily available. Generally ornate, fretwork, carving, incising and painting were common techniques used to decorate sh... Read More

Brackets and Stays

Much of the hardware during the American Empire Period (1815-1840) displays ostentatious and figural ornamentation. Glass and solid brass knobs also came into popularity during this period as well.... Read More

Featured Products

Shaker Tape 1" - Black

Black Shaker Tape 100% Cotton 1 inch wide. Sold by the yard. MIMIMUM ORDER 5 YARDS To determine t... Read More

Unit Price: $2.32

Lambswool Stain Applicator

Hardwood Handle Wrapped in Genuine Lambswool STAIN APPLICATOR Overall: 3-1/4"wide x 4-3/4"long For... Read More

Unit Price: $12.26

Light Oak Pigmented Marker

These wick type dye markers are ideal for touching up finishes that have received scuffs and light s... Read More

Unit Price: $9.30

Mirror Clip - Steel

Nickel Plated Steel Channel MIRROR CLIP with Felt Liner Overall: 1-3/4"high x 1/2"wide x 5/8"projec... Read More

Unit Price: $0.64

Insulator for Early Style Lamp Plugs

Black INSULATOR constructed of high quality dielectric Paper Board. Overall: 1-1/16"diameter Preci... Read More

Unit Price: $0.88

Square Design Cane Bolt - 18"

Square Design Cane Bolt * Cane Bolt, Square design * Bolt: 18" L * Backplate: 1-1/2" W, .120 g... Read More

Unit Price: $69.99