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Storm Door Hardware

Storm and screen doors were originally fabricated from wood, which although visually more appealing than the modern counterparts, require maintenance to protect the wood from weathering. Wooden storm doors less than one inch thick are used primarily... Read More

Darkening Solution

Used to antique or darken brass, copper, bronze, or tin. Easy to apply and causes no dimensional change. Gradual color change lets you control the color. Works on most non-coated metals. Use as a dip or paint it on. To stop darkening process just pu... Read More

Flour Bins

The Hoosier cabinet included, variously, an upper section with bins for flour, sugar, and other dry staples. The flour bin could hold 50 pounds and had a built-in sifter in the base. A wooden or enamel pullout work surface doubled as a cutting board.... Read More

Slat Clamps

Canvas was employed as a covering for the majority of flat top trunks, which varied in thickness, quality and color. Manufacturers added canvas to the exterior of the unfinished box fallowed by the staves, trim and hardware. The canvas was then coa... Read More

Bin Pulls

Chippendale Period (1750-1785) pieces feature large, heavy brasses, often with Asain influence. The escutcheons and the heavy back-plates were generally of the same size and design. The willow handle was the most popular design of the period.... Read More

Shelf Brackets

Used to display household items, small hanging shelves were often made at home since woodworking was a common skill, and wood was readily available. Generally ornate, fretwork, carving, incising and painting were common techniques used to decorate sh... Read More

Featured Products

Blush Eliminator

13 ounce Aerosol Can A quick misting of this product and that annoying white haze or spot caused by... Read More

Unit Price: $16.60

Golden Oak Wax Stick

Exclusive blend of waxes offers superior glide and more durable fill. They are one third larger than... Read More

Unit Price: $5.28

Flat Head Screw #3 x 1/2" - Brass Plated

Brass Plated Steel PHILLIPS FLAT HEAD SCREW ~ #3 x 1/2" Sold in Lots of 100... Read More

Unit Price: $3.30

Flat Head Screw #8 x 1-3/4" - Steel

Steel SLOTTED FLAT HEAD SCREW ~ #8 x 1-3/4" Sold in lots of 10 and lots of 100... Read More

Unit Price: $1.42

Dropleaf Table Support - 8"

Plain Steel BREAK TYPE DROP LEAF SUPPORT ~ 8"long This sturdy support is precision built from heavy... Read More

Unit Price: $5.84

Slo-Zap Adhesive 2 oz. - Super Thick

CA-SLO ZAP Super Thick, Slo Cure CA Adhesive (YELLOW Label) 2 oz. Bottle - This thick glue is often... Read More

Unit Price: $17.34