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Handle Loops and Caps

Prior to the 19th century, trunks were generally unlined. Newspapers were commonly used to line trunks at the turn of this century, and were often embellished with decorative dots applied with wooden stamps and ink. From a distance, this practice gav... Read More


Smaller furniture hinges were used for lighter internal and cupboard doors. The most decorative is the cocks-head hinge, in use in the Elizabethan period and the first half of the 17th century. A simplified form occurs in a Surrey house of 1656, and... Read More

Cabinets & Stands

Electronics consists of the study and use of systems that operate by manipulating the movement of electrons. The field of electronic engineering seeks to resolve issues relating to the design and manufacture of electronic circuits, which are intended... Read More

Nails and Rivets

Early furniture nails were usually square nails in section; the earliest antique nails were individually forged by hand. The head of the nail was formed by bending it over to form an L-shape or by striking a hand-held mould over the end of the shank... Read More

Hinges and Stays

The wardrobe trunk, which is flat on all sides, is among the largest and heaviest ever made. Designed to stand on end for packing or open use, wardrobe trunks are usually equipped with drawers, clothes hangers, a shoebox, sometimes an ironing... Read More


In 1901 Gustav Stickley founded the periodical known as The Craftsman, which began by expounding the philosophy of the Arts & Crafts movement. The Craftsman is credited with being voice of Arts & Crafts movement in the United States. In... Read More

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Icebox Nameplate - New Columbia

New Columbia Cast Brass ICEBOX NAMEPLATE Overall: 1-1/8"high x 5"wide Sold Individually... Read More

Unit Price: $0.00

Sawtooth Picture Hanger - 1-5/8"

Nickel Plated Steel Sawtooth Picture Hanger Overall: 1-5/8"long x 1/4"wide Sold by the Dozen... Read More

Unit Price: $1.26

Clear Glass Bridge Pull

Front Mount Clear Glass BRIDGE PULL with 2 Nickel Plated Bolts and Nuts Overall: 1-1/16"wide x 4-1/... Read More

Unit Price: $13.20

Leather Trunk Handle 8-1/2" - Natural

Premium Grade NATURAL LEATHER SLOTTED TRUNK HANDLE 1-Ply ~ Finished Topside ~ Unfinished Backside... Read More

Unit Price: $13.02

Brushed Nickel Furniture Pull - 2-1/2"

Brushed Nickel Mid-Century Style DRAWER PULL - "V" Overall: 4-1/8"wide x 1-5/8"high x 1"projection... Read More

Unit Price: $8.78

Dark Pine Lacquer Shading Toner

A nitrocellulose based lacquer product with finely ground, top quality, non-fading pigments added fo... Read More

Unit Price: $16.60