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Kotton Klenser

Varnishes are used to enhance the colors and to protect a painting from dirt and atmospheric pollutants. Varnishes were traditionally made from natural resins such as dammar, collected from trees (Shorea and hopea) from Malaysia, Borneo, Java and Su... Read More

Reed Spline

Reed spline is the wedge shaped wood fiber used to hold cane webbing into the groove around a seat frame. Removing reed spline from a machine woven cane seat is often the most difficult task in cane chair repair. Using a hammer and caning chisel, l... Read More

Cut Nails

Cut nails possess great durability. They are hard to pull out because the wood fibers are pushed downward and wedge against the nails, thus greatly reducing loosening. Once you have used them, you will prefer them for all kinds of work.... Read More

Tea Cart Wheels

A Philadelphia Chippendale Pie Crust Tilt Top Tea Table. c 1760-1780. Mahogany. Hand Carved. Claw and Ball Foot. Birdcage support and carvings column, tapered and fluted. Legs have elongated flowing acanthus carvings. Outstanding twin florets at each... Read More

Oil Lamp Parts

One of the most primitive lighting devices known is an iron fire holder called a 'cresset'. Fueled with oil soaked twigs or pine knots; the cresset was usually suspended from a pole like a torch, or hung like a lantern. This ancient oil fired lamp w... Read More


The furniture knob was less common in earlier periods of furniture construction, which may be explained by their fundamental vulnerability. Robust Medieval and Jacobean furniture was designed to survive harsh conditions and travel. This discouraged... Read More

Featured Products

Traditional Wood Corbel - 14"

Medium traditional decorative solid wood hand carved unfinished corbel measuring 5" x 6-3/4" x 14"... Read More

Unit Price: $121.21
Sale Price: $109.08
You Save $12.13

Crosley 302 Wall Phone - Black

The Crosley 302 Phone returns to the wall in this Henry Dreyfuss tribute. Dreyfuss, considered a bri... Read More

List Price: $59.95
Sale Price: $49.95
You Save $10.00

Flat Head Screw #8 x 3/4" - Steel

Steel SLOTTED FLAT HEAD SCREW ~ #8 x 3/4" Sold in lots of 10 and lots of 100... Read More

Unit Price: $1.16

Cherry Flat Cut Veneer

Cherry FLEXIBLE PAPER BACKED FLAT CUT VENEER Flexible Veneer consists of 1/64"thick real wood venee... Read More

Unit Price: $53.22

Flower Backplate - Brass

Colonial Revival Style Cast Brass BACKPLATE Overall: 1-3/16"diameter Shown with available Drop Pul... Read More

Unit Price: $3.30

CHERRIES Pigmented Markers Assortment

CHERRIES Pigmented Markers Assortment includes 1 each of the following: Cherry, Perfect Cherry, Dark... Read More

Unit Price: $43.68