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Door Push Plates

Door push plates gained popularity during the Victorian era, a time when architectural embellishments were held in high regard and the industrial revolution made such luxuries accessible. Push plate application traditionally required handled pull pl... Read More


Smaller furniture hinges were used for lighter internal and cupboard doors. The most decorative is the cocks-head hinge, in use in the Elizabethan period and the first half of the 17th century. A simplified form occurs in a Surrey house of 1656, and... Read More

Bin Pulls

Chippendale Period (1750-1785) pieces feature large, heavy brasses, often with Asain influence. The escutcheons and the heavy back-plates were generally of the same size and design. The willow handle was the most popular design of the period.... Read More

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Rice Push Plates

The rice pattern dates to around 1885 and was made by Yale and Towne of Stamford Connecticut. These... Read More

Unit Price: $74.95

Rough Iron 3" HL Hinges - Offset

This rough iron, 3/8in. offset, non self-closing, H-L style cabinet hinge is most often associated w... Read More

Unit Price: $16.99

Common Rosehead Nail 4'' - Galvanized

Popular nails for framing, roughing in, scaffolding and face-nailing pine or softwood floors. Also u... Read More

Unit Price: $13.85

Clinch Rosehead Nail 2-1/4'' - Standard

These button-head nails are malleable enough to be clinched if desired. Often used for furniture rep... Read More

Unit Price: $10.15

Box Cut Nail 2-1/2'' - Standard

These nails are lighter than Common Cut-nails, but are used for similar applications. Designed origi... Read More

Unit Price: $9.35

Grape Vine Bin Pulls

Grape Vine patterned clear coated cast iron bin pulls. The original Grape Vine bin pull design was p... Read More

Unit Price: $2.75