ZAP 15 Minute Epoxy

ZAP 15 Minute Epoxy

ZAP 15 MINUTE EPOXY contains one 2 oz. Bottle of Resin & one 2 oz. Bottle of Hardener.
15 Minute Cure
Clear Formula ~ Tough, Pemanent Bond
Shock and Vibration Resistant
Excellent Gap Filler
A premium two part epoxy adhesive with a 15 minute cure time that allows faster building and faster repairs. It does not get brittle with age and is easy to mix. Handy to have at home for all types of fix-it jobs, AND great to have in the shop for woodworking and furniture repair.

Item No: G-6827

Unit Price: $13.42

This item has been discontinued but we are looking for another vendor. Please check back later. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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