Spanish for nails; clavos are small ornamental wrought-head door or gate studs. Available in a variety of finishes, sizes and shapes; clavos can be added to an entry door or garden gate for decorative purposes. Originally designed to beautify and enhance fortification, clavos have been used throughout the world. Appropriate for any size or style door with any combination of rails and panels; clavos' are commonly added at top and bottom of panels, the center of panels, along the center lock rail, and the top and bottom rails.

Round Decorative Clavos - 1"
Unit Price: $2.19
Round Decorative Clavos - 3/4"
Unit Price: $2.09
Round Decorative Clavos - 5/8"
Unit Price: $1.99
Square Door Boss - Rough Iron
Unit Price: $5.89