Table Hardware

One of the best-known proponents of traditional ironwork was Polish-born Samuel Yellin who studied his craft in Russia in the late 19th century. Immigrating to Philadelphia in 1906, Yellin perfected and taught ornamental ironwork techniques. Yellin?s work has won numerous architectural awards and can be found in churches, universities, banks, public buildings and private estates particularly in the eastern United States.

Cam-Type Table Lock
Unit Price: $2.84
Desk Top Fastener - Steel
Unit Price: $5.02
Drop Leaf Support - Iron
Unit Price: $14.10
Dropleaf Table Support - 8"
Unit Price: $6.04
Equalizer Table Slide - 26"
Unit Price: $78.88
Sag-Proof Table Slide - 30"
Unit Price: $73.62
Sag-Proof Table Slide - 36"
Unit Price: $135.18
Stamped Brass Toe Cap
Unit Price: $9.48
Table Pins - Brass
Unit Price: $7.08
Table Pins - Hardwood
Unit Price: $2.70
Table Top Aligner - Steel
Unit Price: $0.80
Table Top Fasteners - Steel
Unit Price: $2.48
Table Top Leveler - Steel
Unit Price: $3.90