Locks and Drawbolts

The steamer trunk was designed for use by passengers of steam ship travel. Approximately half the height of a standard flat top trunk, the remaining dimensions are comparable. Steamer trunks were permitted in the passengers? quarters during a steamship voyage, and contained the necessities of the trip. Any additional luggage was stored in the cargo hold and remained inaccessible during the journey.

Interior Trunk Tray Catch
Unit Price: $1.66
Interior Trunk Tray Latch
Unit Price: $1.66
Key for Trunk Locks
Unit Price: $2.44
Large Trunk Drawbolt
Unit Price: $14.50
Large Trunk Drawbolt - Brass
Unit Price: $23.52
Medium Trunk Drawbolt
Unit Price: $2.70
Small Trunk Drawbolt
Unit Price: $2.56
Trunk Drawbolt Latch
Unit Price: $6.40
Trunk Lock with Keys
Unit Price: $12.14