Jars and Lids

Napanee was one of the earlier cabinet manufacturers. Many of their early cabinets came supplied with a china cannister set. But by 1910 they soon followed suit and supplied their cabinets with cannisters produced by Sneath. Like Hoosier, Napanee had cannisters designed specifically for them. Hence the name Napanee Mission. Napanee also varied somewhat from the traditional placement of the cannisters in the cabinet. Behind the vertical roll door against the back left wall was a "L" shaped shelf that was edged in tin. On this shelf would have been the salt box, three large spices, and three smaller spices. The coffee and tea went in a neat wire rack mounted to the door concealing the flour sifter. Their sugar jars were plain in design but did have an unusual dispenser cap.

Glass Spice Jar with Lid
Unit Price: $10.30
Sugar Jar Lid - Steel
Unit Price: $6.46
Tea Jar Lid - Aluminum
Unit Price: $13.96