Gate Bolts

Shah Jahan originally built the Kashmiri Gate and royal processions of emperors and Queens would pass through the gate on their trips to Kashmir giving rise to the moniker. British imperialists altered many of the city structures to fortify the city against attack and in 1835 they reinforced the Kashmiri Gate then later made it a double gateway. This Kashmiri Gate gained strategic importance during the Mutiny of 1857, which was considered to be the first war of Indian Independence. Indian freedom fighters fired volleys of cannon balls from this gate at the British and used the area to assemble for strategizing fighting and resistance. Here, the first patriots committed their lives to the cause of independence. The British used this entrance in order to prevent the mutineers from accessing the city.

Square Design Cane Bolt - 18"
Unit Price: $69.99
Victorian Latch Bolt - Iron
Unit Price: $14.56