Electric Lamp Parts

The word lamp is derived from the Greek word lampas meaning torch and refers to a lighting source in various forms using a multiplicity of fuels dating back to the dawn of man. Englishman Sir Humphrey Davy developed the first electric lamp in 1801, a carbon arc lamp that was energized by attaching two carefully spaced carbon rods to a source of electricity. The electrical current flowed between the rods in an arc of vaporizing carbon, the result being an intense white light.

Lamp "S" Hook - Brass Plated
Unit Price: $0.32
Lamp Cord Rocker Switch
Unit Price: $10.90
Lamp Finial
Unit Price: $5.24
Lamp Finial - Brass
Unit Price: $3.08
Light Socket - Pull-Chain
Unit Price: $4.55
Light Socket Push-thru
Unit Price: $3.75
Light Socket Turn-knob
Unit Price: $3.75
Rayon Lamp Cord - Brown
Unit Price: $1.94