Chair Parts

Splint is obtained from ash, hickory and rattan. Ash splints are cut to a uniform width while hickory splints are generally slightly varied. The outer bark of the rattan palm is stripped for use as cane, and the core is split into round and flat strips of various widths and thickness called reed. Splint and flat reed are suitable for indoor furniture while round reed and binding cane are appropriate for outdoors.

Bent OAK High Chair Tray Arms
Unit Price: $13.00
Curved Rocker Seat - Oak
Unit Price: $42.84
High Chair Safety Strap
Unit Price: $5.28
High Chair Tray Hardware
Unit Price: $19.76
Leg Brace for Wicker Chairs
Unit Price: $8.06
Oak Hiphuggers - Unfinished
Unit Price: $11.32
Queen Anne Winged Leg - Maple
Unit Price: $22.76
Sofa Leg - Maple
Unit Price: $55.30
Solid Oak High Chair Tray
Unit Price: $45.42
Turned Chair Rung - 3/4"
Unit Price: $10.70
Turned Chair Rung - 7/8"
Unit Price: $10.18