Casters, Caps & Glides

Victorian period hardware (1840-1899) delivered a rebirth of the teardrop handle, unlike the small teardrop handle of the William and Mary period, the Victorians combined wood with a stamped brass back-plate. Stamped brass hardware and carved wooden handles predominated, however porcelain and wood knobs were used as well.

Cast Iron Split Socket
Unit Price: $0.94
Caster with 1" Wheel - Brass
Unit Price: $10.40
Caster with 3/4" Wheel - Brass
Unit Price: $7.44
Cup Caster 2-1/16" - Brass
Unit Price: $22.58
Cup Caster 2-5/8" - Brass
Unit Price: $27.76
Drawer Glide Tacks
Unit Price: $1.24
Plastic Glide 3/4" - 50/Pkg
Unit Price: $3.04
Platform Caster - Antique Brass
Unit Price: $11.28
Socket for Casters
Unit Price: $0.40
Stamped Brass Toe Cap
Unit Price: $10.84
Steel Glide - 5/8"
Unit Price: $3.42