Single Post Pulls

The waning years of the 19th century gave rise to the flamboyant Victorian style of hardware design as well as the traditionally orientated Aesthetic style. The decades just before and immediately following the turn of the century also saw a resurgence of neo-classicism. Much of the Neo-Classic hardware was well designed but made of poor quality materials.

Brass & Wood Teardrop Pull
Unit Price: $10.06
Brass Eastlake Style Drop Pull
Unit Price: $12.95
Brass Victorian Ring Pull
Unit Price: $3.65
Cast Brass Eastlake Ring Pull
Unit Price: $5.00
Depression Era Drawer Pull
Unit Price: $9.40
Eastlake Brass Pull
Unit Price: $8.26
Eastlake Ring Pull - Brass
Unit Price: $9.30
Eastlake Ring Pull - Nickel
Unit Price: $12.06
Hepplewhite Ring Pull - Brass
Unit Price: $8.62
Hepplewhite Style Ring Pull
Unit Price: $9.84
Victorian Drop Pull - Brass
Unit Price: $4.16