Woodworking Artist Johnny {J W} Morlan Personal Quotes

* "Besides paying federal, state, county, city, social security, medicare, property and sales taxes, I create, handcraft and sell a little merchandise too!" Johnny W Morlan

* "Customers are quite a treasure, we serve them with great pleasure!" Johnny W Morlan

* "If someone has great passion {not love} for what they do, it is not work. I have not worked one single day since 1989!" Johnny W Morlan

* "I can give kindergarteners a piece of sandpaper and teach them how to round 90 degree corners. Da!" Johnny W Morlan

* "The size of a persons shop, the finest tools that money can buy and the best raw materials that one starts with do not most of the time produce quality, fine craftsmanship, works of art or help in creating or making wooden items. What does though, is passion {not love}, heart, soul, ingenuity and a lot of homemade jigs." Johnny W Morlan

* "Just because a woodworker makes an object from a beautiful figured piece of wood does not make them a woodworking artist or the piece a work of art. Nature created the wood, not them! True wood art has intricateness!" Johnny W Morlan

* "There are two kinds of artists, one uses their skills, tools, talent, knowledge and their style to create a piece from their own ideas, visions, or dreams, and then presents the piece to the world."

The other, along with being able to create a piece from their own ideas, visions and dreams, can also use their skills, tools, talent, knowledge, and add a touch of their own style to make someone else's ideas, visions and dreams into an 2 or 3 dimensional reality, thus creating a very special custom made piece or pieces." Johnny W. Morlan

* "Deadly sin number eight is, to fill the pores of wood with some type of filler. It would be just like filling all of your fingerprints. It is one of the natural characteristics that help make each piece of wood, one of a kind, just like your own fingerprints do for you. Wood is not meant to look like a piece of glass or plastic!" Johnny W Morlan

* "The greatest thrill in life to me, is having people tell me what I am trying to make is impossible, when I am actually almost finished with it." Johnny W Morlan

* "The two main differences between a professional woodworker and a professional woodworking artist, are the latter creates by letting their imagination run wild, then uses their talent, skills and tools to make their imagination become a reality, incorporating any mistakes made along the way, into the design. When finished, people can't find the mistakes and assume what they are looking at is true excellence." Johnny W. Morlan

Some of Johnny's creations have been bought by or given as presents to professional people, foreign dignitaries of state, celebrities and even the President and the First Lady of the United States.

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