Tabletop Photography

Successfully marketing products on the internet is largely dependent upon the images presented to an audience that is not in the physical presence of the merchandise. The fallowing account details simple photographic techniques that can deliver exceptional images, optimizing sales.

The "table top" setup is the easiest way to photograph small to moderately sized items. Set a table up against a wall avoiding arrangement within the glare of any direct light source.

Create a seamless background inexpensively using a white sheet or some poster paper. Rolls of Seamless Paper can be acquired commercially in various colors, we recommend white and black for versatility and neutrality.

The background material must be wide enough to cover the width of the table and long enough to cover the length of the table and traverse the wall to the height of the object being photographed. Affix the background material to the wall and the edges of the table.

Lighting is vital to good photography. Outdoors on an overcast day or in the open shade provides excellent soft light, and is a painless alternative to setting up lighting equipment.

Optimum artificial lighting can be achieved indoors with the "table top" setup using two high wattage lamps with directional covers set up at 45-degree angles to the subject. Adjust their position eliminating all uneven lighting situations. Simple, and inexpensive desk lamps with metallic covers are adequate.

In the presence of uneven lighting, a Fill Flash can eliminate shadows and glare. Fill Flash techniques highlight your subject and impart a lively, dramatic feel to your images. Some cameras have a fill flash option; to use your camera's function, check your manual.

Digital image manipulations can be used to further enhance an image if care is taken not to employ functions that will impart a misleading impression of the object in question. Using the Crop command to eliminate any excess background and center the subject is advisable. Brightness and contrast adjustments are available in the most basic programs, and lend tremendously to clarity and depth without compromising the integrity of the image.

Adhering to the basic principles conveyed above will deliver quality images that exude professionalism, a quality that is paramount to online sales success.

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