Stainless Handle & Lever Entry Set

Stainless Handle & Lever Entry Set

Stainless single cylinder handleset with rectangular escutcheon and Inside Lever. Hand forged in stainless steel, the forging process darkens the hardware in an uneven pattern providing a natural finish similar to antique nickel or pewter. The Single Cylinder function allows the unit to be locked and unlocked with a thumb-turn on the inside and a key on the outside.

* Entry Set
* Handle Plate: 16" H x 2-1/16" W
* Handle Proj.: 2-3/4"
* Plate w/ Lever: 9-1/16" H x 2-1/16" W
* Lever: 4-5/8 " L x 1-3/4" Proj. 1-7/8"
* Designed for 1-3/4" doors only. Specify if other than 1-3/4". Stile width minimum 4-1/2"

Sold Each

Item No: KT6JI

Unit Price: $751.20

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