Sellers Wrap-Around Hinge - Nickel

Sellers Wrap-Around Hinge - Nickel

Nickel Plated Brass Sellers Style WRAP-AROUND HINGE
This unique hinge is mounted on the top cabinet door. One side is attached to the door and the other side is mounted on the side of the cabinet, creating a 90 degree angle.
Overall: 1-1/2"high x 3-1/8"long (when opened)
Offset: 3/8"(when installed)
Door Mount Flap: 1-3/4"long ~ Cabinet Mount Flap: 1-1/2"long
(Flaps measured from center of pin.)
Sold Individually

Item No: N-1557

Unit Price: $9.72

This item has been discontinued but we are looking for another vendor. Please check back later. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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