OnLine Auction Tips and Tricks

As most know, online auctions are a viable and exciting alternative way to market your goods. Here are a few tips we, at eHammer online auctions, have found to be beneficial.

Good images are a must. Try to include multiple views with a good close-up showing surface and detail. If you have trouble taking a good shot try taking the item outdoors. Take a tight shot with little "empty space" around the item.

Be sure to give an accurate description including size, date, and any imperfections. Taking time with your descriptions will help you build a reputation for honesty in a marketplace that throws the good and bad sellers in the same ring. Be clear about who pays for shipping.

Use the reserve option. Users often create "one bid" auctions. We recommend setting the minimum opening bid at 10-20% of the reserve. Remember, the more that bid a kind of synergy is created and the more potential emails you can gather for future items. Use the alert function that most sites have to let others know about your item. Most buyers appreciate these alerts.

Use more than one auction site. Many users are "stuck" using one site. The reality is that all sites have their own user why not take advantage of using more than one auction site. The big three for person-to-person antiques are Ebay, eHammer and Amazon.Good Luck!

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