Fiber Seatboard - Nouveau Floral

Fiber Seatboard - Nouveau Floral

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Fiber Seatboard - Nouveau Floral

Fiber Replacement Seat - Nouveau Floral Pattern
Untrimmed Size: 15" Square
Overall Pattern Size: Front - 10-1/2"wide; Back - 9"wide; Depth - 9-7/8"

The suggested minimum trim size for this seat is 1 inch greater that the pattern size. Note that the embossed patten is not always centered on the board. In some cases, the pattern is as much as 3/16" off center.

These Chair Seats are made of a specially formulated fiberboard that will not separate. They can be trimmed with a pair of shears, tin snips or a band saw. They can be painted, stained, sealed, or used as is. As these boards take stain differently than wood, we recomment using a piece of trimmed scrap from the seatboard to test the results.

We suggest using the AD-3509 Nails for the installation of chair seats as thay have small heads with a low dome. We also carry Decorative Nails if you are looking for something more decorative. To determine the number of nails necessary, plan on using a least one nail every 1" to 1 1/2" apart. For example, a chair seat 13" in diameter using a 1 1/2" spacing would require 28 nails.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a manufacturing error, we received the wrong color fiberboard. All of these seats are a green gray in color, and some of the colors vary. Painting is recommended.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: These seatboards have small dark spots. They are the result of the bonding material in the fiberboard being drawn out when heat pressing the embossed design. These spots are not a result of oil or dirt.

Item No: LS-155

Unit Price: $7.76

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