Bookcase Door Stop & Pivot Bracket

Bookcase Door Stop & Pivot Bracket

Sectional Bookcase DOOR STOP and PIVOT BRACKET
Steel BRACKET Overall: 7/8"wide x 7/8"high ~ Installs on backside of bookcase door.
Steel STOP: 7/8"projection when installed on inside of bookcase frame.
When the closed door is pulled out to the horizontal position, the DOOR STOP pivots in the BRACKET so that the door can be pushed inside the cabinet. Compatible for use with Macey and Globe-Wernicke Sectional Bookcases.
Sold by the Set to mount one door. (Includes 1 Right Hand Bracket & 1 Left Hand Bracket with Fasteners, 2 Bushings, 2 Screws, & 2 Washers.)

Item No: S-2794

Unit Price: $5.82

This item has been discontinued but we are looking for another vendor. Please check back later. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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