Assorted Screw Hole Plugs - Round Head

Assorted Screw Hole Plugs - Round Head

TURNED END GRAIN SCREW HOLE PLUGS ~ Tapered Round Head without Shoulders
210 Piece Assortment includes: 15 each of the W2-6523 3/8" Walnut & W2-6524 1/2" Walnut, along with 30 each of the W1-6523 3/8" Maple, W1-6524 1/2" Maple, W1-6525 5/8" Maple, W3-6523 3/8" Oak, W3-6524 1/2" Oak, & W3-6525 5/8" Oak.

Item No: W-6552

Unit Price: $15.58

This item has been discontinued but we are looking for another vendor. Please check back later. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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