William Rogers Silver

Rogers Brothers was established in the 1820's when William Rogers, the eldest brother, united in a partnership with Joseph Church who was a jeweler and silversmith from Hartford, Connecticut. They became incorporated in 1825. Their initial commodity was silver plate flatware and hollowware.

The name Rogers Brothers was first used in 1847 and became increasingly popular throughout the entire 19th century. By 1835, Asa Jr. and Simeon had both joined the firm. Asa Jr. began experimentation with electroplating in the early 1840's and by 1847 the first Rogers Brothers trademark was stamped onto silver plate spoons. In 1898, Rogers Brothers became part of the International Silver Company. 1847 Rogers Bros Silver Plate is still being produced today.

The Rogers name became so widely recognized in the industry that companies that wanted to use the Rogers name formed many affiliations with Rogers Brothers. Some were blood relations while others simply had the good fortune to have the same name?

?The F. B. Rogers Silver Company was originally founded in 1883 in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. In 1886 the F. B. Rogers Silver Company was incorporated and moved to Taunton, MA. The company thrived well into the 20th century, then became a division of the National Silver Company in 1955.

The National Silver Co. was formed in the early 1900's in New York City. This firm manufactured both sterling and silver plate. They introduced new sterling flatware patterns in the 1920's, 1930's and 1940's.

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